Why Use VR in Education

Unofficial Cardboard began making custom Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewers in 2014 and is extremely knowledgeable in the VR industry, but they aren't the experts in the field of VR for Education.


In order to tell you Why Use VR in Education, Unofficial Cardboard will turn to the experts and that have been documented online.  The first story that you should read is an article from 2009 that was published on the Institution for Education Sciences website titled, "Reasons to Use Virtual Reality in Education and Training".  This article addresses studies done in the late 1990's and VR has come a long way since then.

Below are links to stories and research that shows why to use VR in Education right now

Why Virtual Reality is so Important for Education, teachthought.com, 2/27/18

How Virtual Reality Will Change How We Learn and How We Teach, Adobe Blog, 1/9/18

5 Compelling Reasons to use Virtual Reality in Teaching, Centre for Educational Intelligence, 5/18/18

What are the Benefits of Using Virtual Reality in K-12 Schools, The Tech Edvocate, 6/7/17

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