Kelli Recher
Kelli Recher is a 5th and 6th grade science teacher at Marshall Math Science Academy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  She has been a teacher in Harrisburg for the last 17 years.  Kelli loves sharing her knowledge of science and teaching the kids of Harrisburg about the world around them. To share her love of nature, she is a certified leader for Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO).).  ICO is a volunteer organization through the sierra club that gives students authentic learning experiences through hiking, biking, camping and paddling.  In 2016, she 
was named “Middle School Teacher of the Year” in Harrisburg School District.  She has presented at Discovery Educator Network’s Summer Institute and Day of Discovery in Philadelphia.   Kelli also serves on the Discovery Education Leadership Council.   Kelli is excited about developing STEM projects and activities for all of her students.