VR for Education

Our goal at Unofficial Cardboard is to bring Virtual Reality into the schools for Education and raise money at the same time.

Our Teacher Advisory Council has chosen VR content using current Science and Social Studies Standards.

In your classroom, you will be able to use Google Expeditions for FREE to share these VR experiences with your students.

The best way to view a Google Expedition is with a VR viewer. We offer 3 options for purchasing custom made viewers.

3 Options for Purchasing
  • Unofficial Cardboard makes custom branded viewers for each school and sets up a fundraising webpage.  Click here to see a sample website

  • You or your students have the option of designing the viewers to represent your classroom or school. Click here to see samples of viewer designs from students

  • Promotion for your fundraiser can be done through flyers, emails, and social media. We will provide you with a link to the custom webpage

  • You will receive your purchased viewers within 1-2 weeks


Fundraising options

We recommend selling the viewers for $9.95 (plus USPS shipping) and you can choose 1  of the options below

  1.    For each viewer purchased, your school receives $2..50 OR

  2.    For each viewer purchased, you receive one free viewer. The free viewers can be distributed to students at your       school or a sister school in need.


Discounted Bulk Pricing
  • Any teacher, school or district that wants to purchase between 10 and 100 viewers for their students will pay $4.95 for each customized viewer.  For bulk pricing over 100 viewers, please email richard@Unofficialcardboard.com

Local Sponsorships
  • Teachers or Students can go to a local business to Sponsor custom viewers at the cost of $5.95 per viewer

  • The local business will be able to put their logo and even coupon right on the viewer

  • For $595, the local business can purchase 100 viewers for a school in their neighborhood


Art classes creation of Viewers

This program can be used in the Art classroom in middle school.  The art teacher has each class take a week to create their very own UC custom cardboard viewer.  They can either draw it out or use our template to make it on the computer.  There is a competition where the school votes on their favorite viewers and those viewers that are used for fundraising.

The school could buy a 360 camera with their fundraising revenue that can be used by the school to create content that students can view in their custom viewers

  • Kids can create their very own content and the projects can be given by teachers.

  • These projects can be shot and edited by students and put on a YouTube page or uploaded to Google Expeditions where everyone can enjoy the 360 videos in their school’s custom branded viewers.

  • This content can be of fields trips, create their own recreation of a historical event, etc.

To sign-up for the Unofficial Cardboard Fundraising program, please email richard@unofficialcardboard.com